Marie Sixtine

Marie Sixtine’s collections are dreamed up in the heart of their Parisian workshop. The quality of the natural fabrics and their soft feel are integral to every stylistic choice.

Marie Sixtine’s creative team possess the skill and magic touch to combine vintage inspiration with current trends. The cool vibe that exudes from these collections is an expert blend of homewear and streetwear. We love this gorgeous poetic collection comprising feminine, easy-chic designs to suit any mood, any time of day.

fabrics ...

Marie-Sixtine is celebrated for using principally natural fabrics (cashmere, mohair, wool, cotton, linen, silk, viscose, modal…), creating clothes that feel like a second skin. Mixing them together, the brand creates the perfect combinations that enhance the qualities of each.

Always striving to create softer woven designs that feel fabulous and offer great quality, Marie Sixtine constantly evolve their own blends through innovative technical research. They take the greatest care in creating their woven fabrics and T-shirts to be able to consistently offer the women comfort as well as casual and feminine style.

production line ...

The fibres are sourced from the world’s best fibre manufacturers; therefore they oversee even the raw materials they use. Finally, the products are tested and validated through a stringent quality control process carried out at each stage of the production.

The fibre manufacturers and factories Marie Sixtine collaborates with are all certified in the areas of quality management and environmental practices, as well as a special certificate awarded for providing good working conditions for their employees that also signifies their commitment to renewable development.